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Hiring new HCES principal

Hickman County School Superintendent, Casey Henderson, met with Hickman County Elementary School’s SBDM council on April 13, 2020 and began the process of hiring a new principal for the upcoming school year.

The council came up with a list of qualifications they would like to see the next principal meet.

Those criteria are:

=         Welcomes input and will be a model of good communication among all stakeholders of the school community: parents and families, students, teachers, staff, administrators, and the community at large.

=         Has had experience in the classroom and understands the demands placed on teachers in terms of expectations, testing, classroom management, etc.

=         Understands the connection of school culture to student achievement is built through positive relationships with all stakeholders.

=         Believes in and understands developmentally appropriate instruction and continuous progress for all students by having set expectations for high levels of learning.

=         Believes in and will carry out consistent discipline techniques based on school policies that provide a safe, positive learning environment and will also promote student empowerment, self-control, and self-discipline.

=         Is committed to closing achievement gaps and ensuring proficiency for all students.

=         Has an educational philosophy consistent with our school’s mission and Kentucky’s education system.

=         Understands school based decision making and will support SBDM process.

As we move forward with the hiring process, we welcome your input. Feel free to contact a member of the Site Based Decision Making Council to provide any feedback. The Site Based Decision Making members are Casey Henderson, chairman, [email protected]; Kristen Johnson, [email protected]; Ashley Workman, [email protected]; Jenah Blalock, [email protected]; Emily Smith, [email protected]

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