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As Hickman County students return to school this fall, they’ll find healthy new choices in their school cafeterias. Hickman County School Nutrition will be serving meals that meet tough new federal nutrition standards, ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. 

We are excited to offer students a balanced meal including milk, fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains. All menu items must meet strict limits for saturated fat and portion size.  Starting this fall, school lunches will meet additional standards requiring:

·        Age-appropriate calorie limits

·        Larger servings of vegetables and fruits (students must take at least one serving of produce)

·        A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes

·        Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)

·        More whole grains

·        And less sodium

We’re always working to offer Hickman County students healthier and tastier choices


We look forward to serving your children the nutrition they need to grow and be successful. To find out more about our healthy school meals please contact Lynsi Barnhill, Nutrition Director at (270) 653-2341 ext. 2039 or

Cafeteria Documents

A new Free/Reduced application must be filled out completely at the beginning of each new school year.

Price Options

 Breakfast (Elementary & High School):      
Students - $1.75
Reduced - $0.30
Adults/Visitors - $1.75
Lunch (Elementary & High School):
Students - $2.25
Reduced - $0.40
Adults/Visitors - $2.50                         
A la Carte Items (purchased individually):
    Breakfast Entree - $1.00
    Other breakfast items - $0.75
Lunch Entree/Sandwich/Pizza - $1.75
Side Item/Vegetable/Fruit/Salad - $0.75
Bread/Cookie/Dessert - $0.50