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HCES Staff of the Month
Earlier this year, a fourth-grade student, Rachel Perry, suggested that HCES should have a “shout out” box for students.  For the last few years, teachers and staff have provided shout outs to students and staff, all of which are then read and displayed visually on the morning announcements.  The shout out box now provides students that same opportunity.
The teacher that has received the most shout outs during that time is Kim. Jackson.  Almost daily, at least one student gives Mrs. Jackson a student for being kind, or being the best reading teacher ever, or for being great or awesome.  While she has long been a favorite of students, parents, and co-workers, the astounding number of shout outs for Mrs. Jackson gives proof that she is one of the most beloved teachers at HCES. Now entrenched as the second grade reading teacher, Mrs. Jackson accepted the challenge to move from kindergarten a couple of years ago.   The change has been beneficial to both HCES and Mrs. Jackson, as she’s enjoyed the change in duties while the school has benefitted from her experience as a reading specialist.  The ultimate winners are her students. Mrs. Jackson, this is another huge shout out for you!   We all appreciate you, and you deserve to be the HCES December Teacher of the Month.



Sara is a terrific addition to the staff at HCES, and she is also the HCES December Employee of the Month. 

One of the most important jobs at an elementary school is that of the daytime custodian. To be a great school custodian, you have to meet the criteria of this job description:  clean the cafeteria and hallways daily after breakfast and lunch, take out the trash several times each day from the cafeteria, order cleaning supplies, be a fix-it wizard for minor repairs and maintenance, help with routine school procedures such as student drop-off and pick-up, come running if a toilet is overflowing or a child pukes, and even be somewhat of a child psychologist, as that individual deals with students and interacts with them each day.  A void was left at HCES at the beginning of the school year when Arenzo “Bug” Harper left to work for the state road department.  Luckily, our elementary school hired Sara Ring. Sara has a terrific smile, works well with students, and does a wonderful job each day at HCES.  She arrives early for work each day, volunteers for extra duties, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help students, staff, and the school.  Sara has quickly become a favorite of students, as several each day volunteer to help her clean up to perform other tasks.