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HCES Staff of the Month
HCES Teacher of the Month

September 2019

EMILY EASLEY        emily                    

When it was first mentioned a couple of years ago about a possible move to the upper grades of HCES, Emily Easley’s eyes widened.  After all, she had for several years taught primary grades at Hickman County and Mayfield elementary schools, she was comfortable and successful doing so, and had a hard time envisioning herself with the older students. Now, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. After making the transition last year to fifth- and sixth-grade social studies, Mrs. Easley has settled in to her current role as social studies and reading teacher for fifth grade.   In fact, she’s thriving.   Seeing her students twice a day provides Mrs. Easley with twice as many opportunities to make a difference in their education and their lives, and also allows her to use the two class periods to correlate lessons, learning, projects, and achievement for her students. If her first year was any indication, students will benefit greatly.  The spring 2019 K-PREP test scores show that about two-thirds of Mrs. Easley’s fifth grade students scored proficient or distinguished.  She is refocusing her efforts this year to help her students improve even more in social studies while also taking on the task of conducting interventions for fifth-grade students who are reading below their grade level.   Keep up the good work, Mrs. Easley.   You are where you belong, and you are the HCES September Teacher of the Month.


HCES Employee of the Month

September  2019




One of the best smiles at Hickman County Elementary belongs to Amanda Wilber.

Amanda, a preschool instructional assistant, usually has that smile all day at HCES, which makes others around her smile as well.  Regardless of the situation, Amanda maintains a pleasant demeanor and displays her pearly whites for students and other staff members.  There’s a lot more to her than a pretty smile, though. 

“She’s my right hand,” said Amanda’s partner, preschool teacher Holly Burgess.  “She does everything that I do.  She can step right in and do anything I do.”  Amanda may have her chance in a couple of years to do just that.  

Amanda recently enrolled in classes to pursue an education degree, and hopes a couple of years from now to have the opportunity to begin a career as a teacher.  According to everyone who works with her, Amanda has a bright future as an educator.

While she may one day be the HCES Teacher of the Month, Amanda is now the HCES Employee of the Month for September.