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HCES Staff of the Month

 HCES Teacher of the Month


Rhonda Russelburg: 

 One of the primary characteristics of an elementary school teacher is flexibility. That is especially important at Hickman County Elementary, as the schedule varies a bit each year based on student enrollment, staffing needs and other factors.

The most flexible HCES teacher over the last several years has been Rhonda Russelburg.  Over the last six years, Mrs. Russelburg has taught third grade reading, self-contained first grade, served as the school’s reading interventionist, and this year taught third grade science while conducting reading interventions for part of the day.  She’s also stepped in to assist the district in various capacities regarding testing, English-language learners, and after-school tutoring.-Always pleasant and always level-headed, Mrs. Russelburg next year will move again to first grade.  The move is being made to help provide better instruction to a class that this year had 26 in each kindergarten class.   Mrs. Russelburg’s knowledge and experience with reading strategies, phonics instruction, and other related topics will help ensure that her class will be prepared moving forward through their school.iThanks for all you do for HCES, Mrs. Russelburg.    You are the HCES April Teacher of the Month.



 Renee Cole:
You are a dream of an art teacher, Mrs. Cole.  You are also the HCES April Employee of the Month. 
During her interview for the position four years ago, Renee Cole described the job of teaching art at Hickman County Elementary as her “dream job.”   If that’s the case, then her dream came true.Longtime HCES art teacher Rick Harrison retired at the end of the 2015-16 school year, leaving a void in the special classes at the school that we all knew would be hard to fill.  A student favorite who served not only as the HCES art teacher but also as the Hickman County Schools artist-in-residence, Mr. Harrison also for years completed several projects for the school and the district’s board office.     However, Mrs. Cole made a smooth transition, stepping in to those roles and becoming a mainstay herself for HCES students and staff.With an emphasis on effort, Mrs. Cole encourages students to express themselves through art as they attend class each week.   Her approach is always non-judgmental, reminding that in art, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Many students struggle with that notion, seeking perfection; Mrs. Cole reminds them regularly, though, that artwork is really never perfect.  Rather, it’s more about creative expression, enjoying the process as much as the end product, and loving a piece of work, flaws and all.  More than anything, Mrs. Cole wants students to enjoy and appreciate art.