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HCES Staff of the Month
 One of the unsung heroes at HCES is LeAnna Thomason.
While many teachers at HCES are more recognize, Mrs. Thomason has for years been a behind-the scenes advocate for students, terrific support for classroom teachers, and knowledgeable guide for instructional aides as they assist student learning.  Although many outside of HCES may not know Mrs. Thomason, rest assured that she’s one of the many great teachers at HCES. A longtime special education teacher in the primary grades, Mrs. Thomason has proven to be diligent, organized, and resourceful.   She cares about her students, and works hard to push them to higher academic achievement always.  Breaking down improvement in reading scores, for example, Mrs. Thomason’s students consistently show as much growth as others on norm-referenced tests.  Helping third grade students below grade level in reading reach that goal this year is another example of Mrs. Thomason’s abilities and support for students and staff. Mrs. Thomason’s own world changed drastically just a few years ago with the birth of her first child, Nolan, who is will be starting preschool at HCES soon.   She and her husband, Toby, are expecting their second child, a daughter, in a couple of months as well.   Mrs. Thomason will have preparations ready for a substitute teacher, but plans to return near the end of the school year to be with and help her students.   Mrs. Thomason, thanks for all you do for the students and staff at HCES.   We appreciate you greatly.  Congratulations on being named HCES January Teacher of the Month.










A little over a year ago, the addition of a fifth preschool classroom at HCES created a good problem to have: the hiring of instructional aides to help teacher Nisa Clapp with the students.

Luckily, the applicants for the jobs were top-notch.   Hirings were completed.  And each of the new employees has proven to be a spectacular addition to the HCES staff.

Joyce Byassee, described by preschool director Christel Nall as “sweet and thoughtful,” wants only the best for all students and staff at HCES.  “She has a willingness to learn to help students,” added Ms. Nall.  Before being hired full-time, Joyce seemed to be at school full-time as a room mother and substitute, being an asset even then to HCES students and staff.

Alongside Joyce in Miss Nisa’s classroom is Nanci Lemke.   Nanci always has a positive remark for her co-workers and students, said Ms. Nall.   Like Joyce, Nanci served as a sub before being hired.  Always pleasant, always kind, and always smiling, Nanci has been a great hire.

BreeAnna Burgess has been a jewel as well, serving as an instructional aide in each of the five preschool rooms.  “BreeAnna is a very hard worker.  She has gone above and beyond the call of duty,” said Mrs. Nall.  “She is never afraid of any task, even when what I ask her to do is out of her comfort zone.”  BreeAnna is a favorite for many students, and is assisting this year with the middle school and high school cheerleading squads.

All three ladies have been excellent additions to the staff at HCES.  As they were all hired at about the same time, we’d like to recognize the trio as the HCES January Employees of the Month.


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