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HCES Staff of the Month
HCES Teacher of the Month

August 2019

STEFANIE TUCKER                            

Is there a better kindergarten teacher anywhere than Stefanie Tucker?   We think not.  Mrs. Tucker, Hickman County Elementary School’s teacher of the month for August, is respected greatly by her peers within the walls of HCES.  Furthermore, Mrs. Tucker has gotten raves from other educators around the region as a wonderful educator. From the time her students walk into her room at 7:30 in the morning, Mrs. Tucker is teaching them.  Her continual formative assessment and inquiry of students escalates and enhances their learning, helping students master content and skills at a quicker pace and a higher level. Mrs. Tucker embeds instruction throughout the day, quizzing students on phonics, mathematical concepts, and other learning targets.  This is done not only in class, but also in the hallways, on the way to lunch, coming back from recess…all day, every available moment. Her high expectations regarding behavior complete the package, making Mrs. Tucker a top-notch teacher for HCES kindergarten students.  In addition to teaching reading and math, Mrs. Tucker stresses respect and responsibility, trust and hard work, values that transform our students into good citizens.  Her students are thrilled to have Mrs. Tucker as their teacher.   HCES is thrilled to have Mrs. Tucker as its HCES August Teacher of the Month.



HCES Employee of the Month

August  2019

         rita   RITA McADOO          

Imagine having the daunting task of preparing breakfast and lunch for almost 500 people every day.  That’s Rita McAdoo’s job, and she’s great at it.

Rita is the manager of the HCES cafeteria, which provides both breakfast and lunch to Hickman County Elementary’s some 440 students and 60 staff members.   Each school day, Rita and her staff provide two meals to about 10 percent of the county’s population, some of which are tough customers and picky eaters.

Her willingness to please her customers, though, makes Rita special.  This year Rita and her staff have added chicken Caeser and chicken bacon wraps to the daily menu, along with a yogurt plate, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and salads.   That variety ensures that every student, every day, has choices and receives a couple of good meals at HCES.

Thanks for feeding us, Rita, and thanks for all you do for our kids.   You are the HCES Employee of the Month for August.

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