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HCES Staff of the Month
Ashley Jewell
Teacher of the Month
Over the last decade, Hickman County’s incoming kindergarten students have scored among the best in the region and the state on the Brigance kindergarten readiness screener.  That means that the HCES preschool program does a fantastic job in preparing our three- and four-year old students for the intensive learning that takes place in kindergarten.
While the HCES preschool has had a few staffing changes during that time, adding teachers, instructional aides, and even a new director in Christel Nall, one constant has been Ashley Jewell, who has taught in the HCES preschool for more than two decades.
Ashley began her teaching career in the elementary school with primary students, but soon moved to the preschool program, where she has been at home since.  While preschool students learn largely through play, Ashley and the other preschool teachers have made sure that students are learning many of the basic skills they need as they move to kindergarten.  Ashley and the rest of the preschool staff provide a solid foundation for Hickman County’s children as they begin their education at HCES. She’s part of a great team, but a lot of the credit has to go to Ashley Jewell.   She is the HCES November Teacher of the Month.




If you ask the teachers and administration at Hickman County Elementary just how important our instructional aides are to our students’ success, they’ll all tell you that our aides are vital to our school.  To be honest, we couldn’t function without them.

One of the best is preschool aide Holly Coffey.  While Ashley Jewell is the teacher for the classroom they share, Ashley will quickly tell you that Holly is just as important to the success of their students as she is.  “She’s always on it,” said Ashley.

“There’s so much I can say about her.   I never have to ask her to do anything,” added Ashley.   “I feel that if I had to leave the room, she could handle it.  She’s dependable.”   In fact, Holly is the perfect complement to Ashley, as any good partner should be.

“Holly is flexible, energetic, and definitely someone I would want on my team!  Where I fly by the seat of my pants, she is a planner,” Ashley said about her friend and teammate.  “We have total opposite personalities but it works for us!”  

Their partnership is working well for their students.   Holly, thanks for being a great asset for our school.   You are the HCES Employee of the Month for November.

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