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HCES Students present projects at board meeting

The students – Abbi Frizzell, Sha’Marian Gray and Abbey Bellew – presented a project they completed during Mrs. Tracy Taylor’s library class.   For the assignment, groups were assigned a famous African American on which students then conducted research for notable accomplishments and achievements.   Students then created a life-sized portrait of the individual that notes the main points of the research.  As a final touch, each of the life-sized portraits were hung in the HCES hallways in chronological order so that teachers can take students on a “history walk” to learn about famous African Americans throughout U.S. history.    The individuals ranged from Crispus Attucks to Tiger Woods and included persons such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Garrett Morgan, and Frederick Douglass.   

Pictured are, from left, Mrs. Taylor, Abbi Frizzell, Sha’Marian Gray and Abbey Bellew holding the group’s project on Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman to pilot a plane. 






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