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Outstanding HCES Staff
HCES Teacher of the Month

March 2019

MELINDA ABERNATHY                            

Hickman County Elementary and its students have made great improvements over the last couple of years in math achievement, and one of the main reasons has been Melinda Abernathy.After teaching third grade math for years, and other grade levels before that, Mrs. Abernathy this year moved to second grade.  Her shift to that grade level was prompted by an initiative to departmentalize second grade; rather than students stay all day in one classroom with one teacher, students now travel from one classroom to another for reading, math, and language arts.   Mrs. Abernathy’s experience and knowledge has helped make the new schedule a huge hit among second grade students, as well as a success for the school. Prior to that, Mrs. Abernathy helped complete the foundation of mathematical success for HCES students.   Her methods, integration of technology, and hands-on lessons helped solidify understanding of mathematical concepts for former students.  Those seeds are now flowering in the form of HCES’s math scores on STAR, CASE and K-PREP testing, and those benefits will be seen over the next decade as current elementary students move to middle and high school math classes. Mrs. Abernathy, in addition to being a great teacher, also is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  She’s also the HCES March Teacher of the Month.
HCES Employee of the Month
             ERON JONES   


Working in a school cafeteria is a thankless job.  While the staff of five prepares both breakfast and lunch for about 450 students each day of the school year, rarely do positive accolades come their way.   Rather, the staff hears an occasional complaint, but seldom compliments.

However, this year, many compliments have been given to and from Eron Jones.

New to HCES this year, Eron is a ray of sunshine for every student and staff member at Hickman County Elementary.  She always has a nice word for every child and adult coming through the lunch line, giving everyone kudos and praises as easily as a scoop of macaroni and cheese.  And all are given with a beautiful smile.

 That has prompted many of our staff members to make comments regarding Eron throughout the year.   “She’s so nice,” stated one person recently.  “She is such a good addition to our school,” added a longtime teacher.  “We just love her,” said another.  

We all do!   You are wonderful, Eron.  And you are the HCES Employee of the Month for March.

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